Dacapo DB200 Strip wind Builder



The Dacapo DB200 is a modern reliable strip wind builder, built on the base of an Orbitread 200.

The bed frame, front end and other mechanical parts are kept from the original builder. The builder is upgraded with:

  New electric cabinet with PLC control and soft starter for the extruder

  New PC based operator workstation

  New spin motor and gear box

  New winding radius adjustment motor and screw

  New Azimuth motor and gear box

  New or refurbished extruder gear box and thrust bearing block

  New extruder screw

  New or refurbished extruder barrel

  New pneumatic system

  New 2 zone temperature control system


Altogether, this will give a modern, reliable strip wind builder, easy to operate and maintain.



The PC is the operators interface to the builder. The PC is used to create building programs, to select which building program to use and to store statistical and measurement data.

  A building program is created using a graphical picture of the tyre. The tyre profile is divided into 1 to 25 zones. Building program data for each zone is entered to a table. A practically unlimited number of building programs can be stored.

  The operator Changes to a new tyre size by selecting the adherent building program from a list. Extruder temperatures, tread profile etc are automatically set for the new building program without any other intervention from the operator. To change the building program takes less than 5 seconds unless the extruder temperature changes too.

  After finishing the building of a tyre, the PC stores all process data in a database. This data can be retrieved by tyre, by building program or by batch.


Several builders could be networked together or to a server. A common database for building programs and process data can then be used.



Builder features


Standard builder equipment

  Integral 3 extruder

  Integral 2 zone temperature control system.

  Soft start extruder motor drive.

  PC operator workstation (common to all Dacapo builders)



  Temperature sensor to measure the extruded strip temperature.

  Strip break sensor

  3 Plastiscrew

Alarms - prevent building a tyre

  The extruder temperatures are outside the set tolerances


Warnings - continue the building process

  Extruder load warning limit

  Extruder temperatures

  Extruded rubber temperature (option)


Alarms - stop the building process

  Extruder high load

  Broken strip (option)



Data storing


Per building program or size

  Number of built tyres

  Average building time

  Total rubber consumption


Per batch


  Batch start time

  Batch stop time

  Number of built tyres

  Average building time

  Total rubber consumption


Per operator

  Operator log-in time

  Operator log-out time

  Number of built tyres

  Average building time

  Total rubber consumption


Per tyre

  Building program / size

  Tyre ID

  Date / time


  Rubber compound name

  Rubber compound batch

  Rubber compound lot

  Rubber used weight

  Building time

  Extruder mean load

  Extruder speed

  Strip mean / max / min stretch

  Extruder mean temperatures

  Extruded mean / max / min strip temperature (option)

Technical specification


Physical dimensions

Weight 1275 kg

Size (L x D x H, mm) 2490 x 710 x 1800 (highest point: electric cabinet


Utility requirements

Air 10 bar, clean dry air

Main supply 3x400VAC (3 phase + PE)

Frequency 50 60 Hz

Nominal current 63A



Type 3 {LD 9:1]

Motor size 18.5kW

Speed 72 RPM

Capacity Approx. 3 kg/min. [depending on compound]

Typical building time 12" < 30s

15" < 50 s

25" < 500 s


Tyre size capacity12" - 30" / small hub 10" - 20"

Maximum diameter 1420 mm

Bead width 125 mm - 480 mm with standard hub assembly

Bead diameter 12" - 30" / small hub 10" - 20"


Water temperature control system

Number of zones 2

Temperature accuracy 1.5

Chiller system not included, choose from:

  Customer supplied cooling water

  External fan chiller

  External processing water chiller


Regulations and standards

The builder is designed to fulfill regulations and standards for the European and American market.

For the EU market the following will apply:

  Machine safety regulations EN292-1 ands EN292-1 following the provision of directive 89/392/EEC with amendments

  EMC regulations following the provisions of directive 89/336/EEC

  Electrical equipment of machines EN 60-201-1 following the provisions of directive 73/23/EEC


Spare parts and service

The builder is designed using only well known high quality components. Spare parts are available Worldwide from the suppliers as well as through Dacapo LTD.


PLC system Modicon from Schneider automation

Motor drives Altivar 58 from Telemecanique

Vision system Visionscape from RVSI Acuity

Gear boxes various models from Benzler

Pneumatics from Rexroth